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NEW CD "Short Stories" OUT NOW on JazzHausMusik label!
The MOVE String Quartet from Berlin explores an innovative string sound, playing fresh, powerful chamber music with an edge. Their original music merges the vitality of jazz with classical sensibility and rock energy.
On their new album „Short Stories“, every piece opens a musical world of its own. Each tale is told in its specific way, together as an album forming a whole. The quartet presents these musical stories with captivating intensity: delicate pieces encounter tunes with heavier energy, vast nordic space („Iceland“) meets a wry cowboy number („Horse“), a dizzying musical labyrinth („Mirror Mirror“) contrasts with the prickly „Shake It Off“ or the dynamic „Turn Back Never“. Bassist Carlos Bica also contributes some fresh versions of his songs from his „Azul“ trio.
The internationally acclaimed bandmembers are masters of both refined „classical“ tones, and of more contemporary gritty, „dirty“ sonorities: muscular and delicate, playful and laconic, full of character and emotive. The musicians feed each other with fresh impulses and surprises, keeping the band interactive and wide awake. Their unconventional line-up with a double bass replacing the second violin makes for an especially rich, warm sound.
The MOVE String Quartet performs ear-opening music with inspiring verve. A very European vision of jazz – a string quartet for the 21st century!
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Susanne Paul, Cello and compositions
Carlos Bica, Double Bass and composition
Ger∂ur Gunnarsdóttir, Violin
Marie-Theres Härtel, Viola
Their first CD, „El Camino“ was released in November 2013 on the Jazz Haus Musik label.
You can order it via info [at] movequartet.com 
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Mission statement: "The album "El Camino" is a concept album, roaming through various images, moods and landscapes that a traveler might encounter on a journey, a real journey perhaps or an inner one.
In these compositions, I aimed for clarity and simplicity. Preferring rawness over embellishments, I strove to bring out the essence of an idea by leaving out as much as possible. It's a matter of capturing something that's already there in the material, something organic and balanced. I guess most of all, it's about listening to the space between the notes."