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Landscapes for string quartet - original compositions, distilled down to their essence, pure and genre-defying.
The music of Susanne Paul's MOVE String Quartet explores a contemporary, very European vision of jazz. This modern take on the string quartet roams new sounds and styles, shaping them into intense chamber music, always subtly rooted in groove. 
Their unconventional line-up with a double bass makes for an especially rich, warm quartet sound. The quartet's accomplished musicians balance the freedom of improvisation and the subtleties of the compositions.

The MOVE String Quartet's lineup is international (from Germany/USA, Iceland, Austria, Portugal) and based in Berlin.
Their second album "Short Stories" will be released in Spring of 2018 on Jazz Haus Musik.

Susanne Paul, Cello and Compositions
Ger∂ur Gunnarsdóttir, Violin
Marie-Theres Härtel, Viola
Carlos Bica, Double Bass
Their first CD, „El Camino“ was released in November 2013 on the Jazz Haus Musik label.
You can order it via info [at] movequartet.com 
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"The album "El Camino" is a concept album, roaming through various images, moods and landscapes that a traveler might encounter on a journey, a real journey perhaps or an inner one.
In these compositions, I aimed for clarity and simplicity. Preferring rawness over embellishments, I strove to bring out the essence of an idea by leaving out as much as possible. It's a matter of capturing something that's already there in the material, something organic and balanced. I guess most of all, it's about listening to the space between the notes."